“Trump is week in sex”:stormy Daniel

BanglaHunt Desk: Explosive comments on the American porn star Stormy Daniel Recently, Stormy Daniel, in a explosive statement with US President Donald Trump, said that he was “uncomfortable with sex”. Note that porn star Stormy Daniel is going to find out his autobiography soon. And in that autobiography, Daniel blasted the bomb. Stormy has claimed in her autobiography that Trump has given the least satisfaction to the sexes I’ve had so far. He is ‘incompetent with sex’ This information has been published in a Guardian report.

Even in the autobiography, Stringley Daniel writes that Trump invited me with a bodyguard to invite me to his palace dinner. That night he got physically involved with me. But as far as I have established a physical relationship, Trump gave me the least amount of satisfaction. Stormy said, regardless of what people think of me, at least they have the right to know the truth. From that thought, I decided to write an autobiography. And in this autobiography I gave a detailed account of my life.

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