“Stree” has earned Rs 101.43 crore!


Banglahunt desk: “Stree” was expected to do great business at the box office, something that such films are known to earn. But the present collection of the film will leave everyone stumped, shocked and extremely pleased.

Stree has earned Rs 101.43 crore. That’s the biggest victory for content this year. A film which is made at a budget of Rs 20-21 crore has hit a century already.

If we use the regular profit margin formula that we have learned in school (in case you paid attention in math classes), the film has already made a profit of approximately 80 per cent. Now that’s a jackpot for a film which started showing profits the day it released.

In fact, the makers have already earned more than the film’s budget by selling off its rights. So you can probably say, it’s a 100 per cent profit!

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