Research says Girls can beat boys in sexual thinking


BanglaHunt Desk: Men are always obsessed with sexual desire and girls do not have that idea is wrong. If any man thinks he can be involved in a physical relationship with a girl, then it is a woman’s brain and thinking power that is insulted.

Studies have shown that women think of sex or sex at a particular time of day. At that time they want to get body aches intensely.
Scientists research this study in 283 college students in USA. The study, conducted mainly on students aged 18 to 25, is seen in how they think about food, sleep and sex in a week. Every time the sex came in their thoughts, they were asked to write a book. The studies showed that in the eighteenth time, a woman would have sexual intercourse, think about sex.

Studies have shown that most women think of a movie hero, a former boyfriend, or a scene of a blue-film, at the time of thought. At the end of the survey, men watch about 34 times a day. But women are far behind there. They think about sex 18 times a day.

প্রতি মুহূর্তের সব রকম খবর জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইট করুন

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