Price too much high in the Market? List of the prices of those which prices have increased


Bangla Hunt:

In the morning before going to the market with bags have a look at this. How is the Bengal market prices going today? Here is the price list!


Potato- rs. 23

Onion – Rs. 32

Ginger – rs. 65

Garlic- rs. 109

Brinjal- rs. 40

Karala- rs. 40

Egg- rs. 5/piece

Apple (kg)- rs. 80 /kg

Lemon- rs. 52

Cucumber- rs. 38

Grapes- rs. 62

Fish (katla)- rs. 230/ kg

Fish (rui)- rs. 240/kg

Fish (hilsa)- rs. 800/kg

Fish (pona)- rs. 200/kg

Fish Shrimp – rs. 250/kg

Mutton – rs. 560/kg

Chicken – rs. 150/kg

We are responsible to the society, so every day we will reach the market value in your smartphone.
If you faced problem during buying something from the market then make a complaint to the local police station. Or, the West Bengal government’s Security Office. If thy found anything wrong then there will be a fine chargers for them.

Our message – please avoid plastic bags below 40 microns. and before eating wash every fruits /vegetables with water.

প্রতি মুহূর্তের সব রকম খবর জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইট করুন

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