If you drink alcohol during pregnancy, then your child will get intoxicated!


Banglahunt desk: Do you drink alcohol during pregnancy? Do you know that as a result of your these bad habit, your baby is in danger.

Research says that its effects directly lead to the child’s brain. Which will work as addiction in future. Apart from this, your child may have to face different kinds of problems. For example, psychiatric illnesses, lack of concentration, sadness, anxiety, greed etc. may be born psychiatric. Because, when drinking alcohol while being pregnant, Fatal alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevents your child’s knowledge of retaining the energy. It also reduces the functioning of endocannabinoids. Instead, dopamine works on producing nerves. As the nerves get excited for the production of additional dopamine, the addiction of addiction to the brain of the child increases. They are so addicted that they later became addicted to a little medicine.

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