Daily horoscope (7th March, 2019)

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Rein yourself in a bit today, you revolutionary, you. Yes, that sounds like a mixed message — how can you work against your own radical nature? How can you ignore the siren call of a vision that’s truly unique? And though it seems dull to finish what you’ve already worked on before starting something new, do it anyway. This type of consistency makes you more believable in the eyes of people who count.


You rarely boast. You’d rather support someone else. But sometimes, such as when you’re applying for a new job, it’s necessary to showcase your many strengths and talents. Today, though, the pressure is off. There’s no need to talk yourself up to anyone, because your unique brand of brilliance speaks for itself. That makes this the perfect time to pursue something new and important,


Today, the hustle and bustle around you has an otherworldly feel. You’re energetic and yet dreamy, too. You’re taking care of business on many levels. Even as you’re moving physically through your workday or focusing mentally on a project, your heart is tuned in to the inspiration that’s all around. Suddenly, you can see everything all at once. Tap into this. And write your ideas down so you won’t forget them.


With your strong back and stronger will, you rarely hesitate at the prospect of hard work. Still, sometimes you feel a little too highbrow to get your hands dirty. After all, who wouldn’t choose luxurious relaxation over down-and-dirty labor? But now you have a chance to cast off this limiting attitude. Take some personal responsibility for the success you’re sure to reach. Today is the time to dream, talk, plan, and get inspired.


Your imagination runs wild today. Normally, that would be a good thing. But right now, indiscreet remarks may get you into trouble. Oh, well — embarrassment can be a growth experience! To avoid it, watch what you say and whom you say it to. Do the best you can when speaking with people you don’t know well, or anyone you’re trying to impress. At least you’re flexible enough to quickly bounce back from any errors of judgment.


Today isn’t about making big, aggressive moves toward your goals. It’s about a holistic understanding of your limits and your gifts in this world, and using them in a way that helps many and hurts none. Though you might speak softly now, your creativity is quite eloquent. In fact, somehow, you’re glowing from the inside. And anyone who notices this will immediately get what you’re trying to accomplish.


A strange, restless energy wells up within you today, pushing you to act. You think you’re being brave and daring, but a devil-may-care attitude could easily backfire, because you’re more impressionable right now than usual. Something that looks promising may not be a good idea, while something you’ve been resisting should actually be embraced. Know exactly what you’re getting into beforehand, so you don’t run into any surprises.


Find and connect with the poetry that’s always been in your life. You’re full of energy, and now you can delve deeply into your creativity. Be forewarned: You’re sure to come up with some weird, wonderful ideas today — ones that may surprise or even challenge you. If so, don’t reject them out of hand. Keep them around and see if you get used to them. You’ve been ignoring important aspects of your own needs and desires.


If you’ve been less than truthful with someone — perhaps even with yourself — that deception could come back to haunt you today. Even little white lies that you tell in order to avoid hurting someone’s feelings can end up doing just the opposite. This creates stress and unhappiness on all sides, which simply isn’t good for your health. So stick to the cold, hard truth. It’s easier to build trust when all your cards are on the table.


At the moment, the world seems rimmed in gold, or maybe pink, as if a truly epic sunset is cast over your entire day. Or maybe this effect is achieved by those rose-colored glasses you’re wearing. That would be a good theory, except for the fact that reality truly is sweet right now. Your life is rolling along at a comfortable pace, and for once, that isn’t boring. Enjoy this rare day.


Any challenges that arise now won’t set you back; they’ll only stimulate you to perform even better. For you, every setback is an opportunity to grow; every criticism is a chance to improve your game. For today, this is more true than ever. You’re a powerhouse of ideas and energy, and no one can stop you! Do remember, though, to take other people’s thoughts and feelings into account. There’s no reason to go it alone.


Ordinarily you rarely let anyone’s petty comments get you down. But today you’re hypersensitive. The least little thing hurts you. You could try calling people out on their behavior, but that would just create conflict with your friends or family, and who wants that? Not you, that’s for sure. Calm down a little so the day is more bearable. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and trust that your regular, cheery outlook will soon return.

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