Coca-Cola Founder Was a Shikanji Seller: Rahul Gandhi


Banglahunt desk: Congress president Rahul Gandhi, while talking about opportunities (or lack thereof) of success in India, took the idea of a metaphor a bit too far when he said that the person who founded the soft drinks company Coca-Cola was essentially a “shikanji seller” in the United States.

Shikanji is a popular north Indian lemon-based summer drink. Rahul was speaking at an OBC outreach rally in New Delhi when he made his comments. “Everybody here must have heard of Coca-Cola… everybody’s heard about the company, right?” Gandhi asked at his rally.

“Now tell me who started Coca-Cola? Who was he; does anybody know?”

Rahul questioned, before answering: “I’ll tell you…Coca-Cola’s founder used to sell shikanji in the United States, he used to mix sugar in water.”

  1. “His experience was respected, his ability was respected and he went on to form Coca-Cola,” Rahul went on to say before drawing an extremely similar comparison and saying that the founder of McDonald’s used to run a “dabha” (a roadside eatery).

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